Learning vocabulary is an essential part of communicating in English. You can learn vocabulary many different ways. You can learn through reading, writing, or listening to English conversations. I recommend reading and writing as a means of learning and remembering new vocabulary words. Read something that interests you or is within your field of study or work. Make a note of any new words you encounter. Write in a journal. As you write, you will collect new words that are needed to express your thoughts. Put all of these words in a small notebook and review them periodically. Use a picture dictionary. This is great for visual learners.

Other very useful ways to learn vocabulary is through collocations and jargon. Collocations (or word partnerships) are groups of words or word pairs that are commonly used together. There is usually one word that is the main focus (save time, save money, save space). Jargon is a word or phrase that is used within a specific industry and is commonly known among people who work in that area and is generally unknown to people outside that area (Hotel jargon: ADR, turnover, back of the house, front of the house, fam tour, etc.).

On this page, you will find individual words, but also collocations, jargon, and word lists based on themes. Commit yourself to learning at least five new words per day. Use them in conversation. Make sentences in your journal. Practice them daily.

Ice breaker


Compliment or Complement?

Insure or Ensure?


Discuss or Talk about?


Agenda, schedule, or itinerary?



Stationary vs. Stationery

Best-case scenario

Worst-case scenario

Forecasts, Projections & Predictions





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