If you have difficulty studying or just don’t know where to start, read these articles for suggestions.

Tips on Studying Through Reading and Listening

Tips on Studying Through Speaking and Writing


Here are some good websites, apps, and tools for learning, studying, and practicing English for free. I use all three of these apps on my smartphone.




These apps are designed for those who want to practice speaking and writing English with English speakers. I’ve used Hello Talk, but I’ve never used Speaky.




For additional practice, these websites provide opportunities for language exchange online. Take a look to see if one works for you.










Other useful links

VOA: Learning English (American English)

BBC: Learning English (British English)

International Business Etiquette, Manners & Culture



OxfordPicDicOxford Picture Dictionary — This is a monolingual book that was made for adults. You can purchase it online from Amazon or Book Depository. Book Depository ships worldwide for free, so all of the links listed here will lead to their website. I order many books from them. Bilingual pictures dictionaries are also available. It’s a great way to increase your vocabulary of basic English words. I use the French version for my studies.

I recommend the monolingual book, but there are bilingual versions available for native French, Chinese, Korean, Haitian-Creole, Spanish, Arabic, Vietnamese, Brazilian Portuguese, Farsi, Japanese, Russian, Thai, and Urdu speakers.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary – this is one of my favorite online monolingual dictionaries. I use it often on my computer and my phone with their free smartphone app.

Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary – this is a dictionary created for English language learners. The definitions are simplified and uses language that is easier to understand. There is a smartphone app, but it’s not free.

Merriam-Webster’s Visual Dictionary – this is a good resource for obtaining visual references for new vocabulary.

Oxford Living Dictionary – this is a really good online monolingual dictionary that provides American English as well as British English explanations. It also provides explanations for idioms, which is my favorite feature. Each definition comes with a list of sentences that helps you with using the word or idiom. Oxford also provides a learner’s dictionary that you can access here.

DK-Visual_DictionaryDK Visual Dictionaries
I recently purchased a DK Visual Dictionary for Japanese/English from Book Depository (free shipping). It turned out to be a GREAT bilingual visual dictionary. I like it much better than the Oxford so I wanted to recommend it here. DK provides bilingual versions for French, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Polish, and Hindi speakers.

Exam Info

Home Page
IELTS Sample Tests

Home Page
TOEFL iBT Sample Tests
TOEFL PBT Sample Tests
TOEFL Global
TOEFL Global Sample Tests

Home Page
TOEIC Sample Tests – Listening & Reading   Speaking & Writing
TOEIC Global
TOEIC Global Sample Tests

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