Here is where you will find a mix of commonly used idioms and colloquialisms, their meanings, and a sentence that shows you how to use it. New words and phrases are added weekly. What’s the difference between and idiom and a colloquialism?

An idiom is a phrase that has a meaning that cannot be determined from the words used in the phrase (see A piece of cake).

Colloquialisms (or expressions) are informal words or phrases used in everyday conversation (see Get outta here or Hang in there). Some colloquialisms are specific to certain cultures or groups.

Idioms and colloquialisms can often cause frustration if you don’t realize you’ve been confronted with one and immediately try to translate it. The challenge is, these words and phrases are so much a part of English conversations that they cannot be avoided, so learning (memorizing) them will prevent you from getting confused.

Have your work cut out for you

Meet someone halfway

Bend over backwards

Back to square one


Thumbs up

I’m buying

I can live with it

Out of the question

Wrap your head around something

Hang in there

All in all

Water under the bridge

A piece of cake

Going places


Get outta here

On the same page

Two cents

Up in arms

Hit the ground running

Wake up on the wrong side of the bed

Two left feet

Get bent out of shape

Cut corners

Come in handy

Out of the blue

In the Loop/Out of the Loop

Get with the program

Hash (something) out

It’s really coming down out there

Touch base with someone

Up to

On your own

What’s your deal?

Over my head

Rub someone the wrong way

Someone’s hands are tied

Draw a blank

Bite the bullet

Throw someone under the bus

Tide someone over

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