When you have to make a difficult decision about an important matter, it helps to discuss the pros and cons. Pros are the good things or advantages of making the decision. Cons are the negatives or disadvantages of making the decision. During a meeting, many people like to take a sheet of paper or use a whiteboard, draw a line down the middle, and write ‘Pros’ on one side of the line and ‘Cons’ on the other, then list reasons for each. If you happen to be in one of these meetings, here are some ways to voice your point of view.

One advantage is…   Some advantages are…

A disadvantage is…   Some disadvantages are…

The good thing about this is…   The bad thing about this is…

This is also a good time to express why you’re “For” or “Against” the decision.

I’m for making this change because…   I’m against making this change because…

I don’t think this is a good idea for three reasons: First…Second…Third
(1…2…3/In the first place…In the second place…In the third place…/ Number one… Number two…Number three… etc.)

This is a great idea because…   This is a bad idea because…

This concerns me because…   This reassures me because…

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