I put together a resource to help you understand how to use the verbs go, do, and play when it comes to sports and activities.

Go – for activities that move you from one place to another. Add -ing to the end of the activity.

Do – for activities that do not involve a ball.

Play – for competitive sports that involve a ball and some competitive activities that involve two or more people.

Use this chart to help you remember. You can also download it in PDF format here. Since go, do, and play are verbs, make sure the verb agrees with the subject and make sure you use the correct tense.

I go jogging every morning.
My husband goes jogging three times per week.
Peter went jogging last night.
We are going jogging together tomorrow.
So far, I have gone jogging twice this week.


Adobe_PDF_file_icon_24x24 Go-Do-Play

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